206, rue de l'Hôpital, Vieux Montréal
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Julie Charbonneau



Creating exclusive designs that combine the refinement and elegance of classic French style with contemporary functionality to make living an art.


My style and philosophy are influenced by the great classics of French design. I appreciate the elegance of architecture and strive to expand the possibilities of each space with a distinct design that functions beautifully with each client's needs and vision. I explore a variety of shapes, colours, lines, spaces and materials to create an original timeless design refined to the smallest detail.


As the President of De Poitiers Design, I invite you to visit our boutique and discuss how we can transform your space into a comfortable, functional individualized design that will enhance the way you live. Open to the public as a design showroom and shopping destination, the boutique’s serene ambiance provides inspiration and reflects my creative style.

Julie Charbonneau,

Mme Charbonneau

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