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Lacanche products

Gourmet range cookers

Embrace gastronomic excellence

Originating in the Cote d'Or region of Burgundy known and respected throughout the world for its exquisite food and wine, Lacanche cookers represent the culinary artistry of the area. To provide an authentic French cooking experience, De Poitiers imports Lacanche range cookers directly from France, and is the official distributor of the prestigious Lacanche brand in Canada.

Lacanche professional-quality ranges provide the performance demanded by great chefs in an aesthetically appealing residential design. Polished brass burner caps and lustrous enameled steel façades make the Lacanche cooker an enviable kitchen showpiece.
Manufactured individually to meet the precise needs of each client, every Lacanche cooker meets the most exacting requirements and inspires passion for culinary excellence.

The pleasure and luxury of professionally-cooked gastronomic delicacies achieved only with a Lacanche cooker reflect the overall excellence and insistence on authenticity to be expected from De Poitiers.